Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I've been thinking recently about God and whatnot, and I've come to an ultimate conclusion, at least about something that should be changed within the entire Christian rulebook -- and trust me, this is a big one.
God should not be addressed as He.

Now, I feel like I have rather simple reasoning for this; if there is this omnipotent, omnipresent being occupying this world, isn't addressing it a 'He' suggesting limitation to an all-powerful being? Like, that since God is a He, then it certainly can't be a She, which means that God isn't this being that can do whatever, whenever, however.
So yes, whenever I refer to God.. I generally use the word it (trust me, gets really hard to do sometimes).

Obviously, the use of He stems from back when the bible was being written; where it was male dominated -- and since men were the rulers, God HAD to be a He. Men were regarded as 'more human' than women; entitled to a greater ability to live than their Y chromosome-less counterparts. So even the thought of regarding God as a She, or perhaps even an It would be heresy and pure insanity, mainly because the men were on such a high horse that any reference to God not being the same gender as them would severely emasculate the men. So perhaps there was a somewhat plausible reason to such a term being used back then, but now when we live in a society where women can vote, and are regarded as equals to men (unfortunately, not in every single way possible.. but we're getting there); there shouldn't be any excuse that God still needs to be given an actual gender, and I also assume that some extreme Christian sexists will use God's apparent gender to bring women down a peg in their eyes.

So really, is it not logical that we throw away giving God a gender, and instead give another term? God is not the father of all, it is also the mother of all as well. Referring to God in some gender-neutral term (please, figure something better than it..) allows God to remain all-powerful and without any sort of limitation..

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